Typos is an online trainer with which you can learn the touch typing system. The app loads generated training content and displays a virtual keyboard that shows which keys to press, while more experienced users can also hide the keyboard. The app measures the speed and accuracy of the user in the background. In the full, non-static version, users can choose between lections and training sessions. Commonly misspelled words will be asked more frequently in future sessions and users can create own lections and practice with them as well.


EasyNotify is a note reminder app for android devices. Its purpose is to organize notes as easily as possible. You can add so called 'Notifys' to lists. The app will display a permanent notification of each list in the notification bar, so that you will always see your notes when you check your notifications. There is also an option to create a reminder with a time, for example, 1 pm every day. The app will then send you a notification at that moment. Of course the interval of recurring reminders can be changed as well. Currently, the app has over 50,000 downloads and over 1,500 ratings with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Robert Voit

A homepage for the carpenter Robert Voit. The website contains general information, a contact form and gallery. The site is completely responsive with a fullscreen mode for the gallery and was built using Jekyll.

Senioren Service Neustadt

The website of Senioren-Service-Neustadt e.V. was completely remade. Both the design, as well as the hosting, email and domain providers have been changed. Jekyll was used to build the site. To avoid downtime in the development process, the records of the nameservers were changed at the very end when the new site was made public.